Lockdown 5th November 2020

Lockdown Procedure Updates November 2020


Further to Saturday’s announcement of a nationwide lockdown commencing at midnight on 4th November I wanted to outline changes to the procedures we have in place.

We have continued to operate within our own very strict guidelines throughout 2020 and have, as you will appreciate, reviewed those in light of the pending lockdown.

It it our intention to communicate directly with our clients but we wished to outline some changes to the public in general about how we will be operating during this time.  These changes are with effect from close of business on 3rd November 2020.

  • We will be operating a closed door policy at our office.  Key members of staff will continue to work within the premises in order to facilitate contractors etc on rental properties.
  • All other members of the team will now work remotely.   Those team members are already set up at home with computers and internet phones making your access as easy as at any other time of the year.  I would ask that you continue to use our sales@boothroyd.co.uk and lettings@boothroyd.co.uk email addresses and the telephone number 01926 857244.  Please be assured there will be no delay in our usual response times.
  • Our operating hours will remain the same.

Everybody’s safety remains at the heart of our approach.  As outlined we already have robust systems in place and the few changes we are making are to further people’s security through improving social distancing.

We have reviewed with our teams again this morning all of our Covid-19 procedures and want you to be re-assured that any activity we undertake will strictly follow the guidance provided by the Government.

Stay safe.