The Boothroyd Christmas Message 2019

We are approaching Christmas and the end of 2019, one of the most interesting and challenging political years that we have ever experienced due to the proverbial question of “Brexit” and all that it has brought politically, economically and domestically. Perhaps by the third attempt we may finally see the political process achieve what was voted for back in June 2016. Whatever view one has it seems that it must happen, and it is only with hindsight that we will know whether it was the right decision!

The “Brexit “effect in 2019 on the property market in Kenilworth has been surprising. Up until the end of March there were signs of uncertainty both in the letting and sales market. However, once we were into early spring. I think there was a determination within both the letting and residential sales market that if a move needed to be made people appeared to just get on and do it. 2019 has been another successful year for Boothroyd and Co both in the sales and lettings departments, achieving national awards in both fields, which recognises firmly the Management, Staff and all the hard work and dedication of the Boothroyd team.

2019 has seen changes starting to happen within the town with the start of new residential developments at Kenilworth Corner off Common Lane where approximately 93 new homes are planned and in the course of construction. Off Warwick Road leading to Leek Wootton approximately 100 homes are in the course of construction. Further development is planned at Kenilworth school (250 Homes) Kenilworth sixth form site (130 homes) and the land to the rear of Birches Lane and Glasshouse Lane up to the A46 where there are approximately 1400 homes proposed. Over the course of the next 10 years it is therefore likely that the housing stock in Kenilworth will increase by around 2000 homes potentially increasing the population of Kenilworth from currently around 25,000 people to around 30,000 people on completion of these developments. The prospect of change in Kenilworth will bring a new school to Glasshouse Lane combining the senior school and sixth Form College together with a new primary school. There will be new sports and recreation facilities at Castle Farm, an improved town centre with greater variety of shops and services, however most importantly Kenilworth will retain its community feel and its wide variety of amenities and facilities.

The strategic importance of Kenilworth as a residential town will not alter, it can only be enhanced due to the opening of the railway station and the excellent surrounding road communication systems. HS2 is likely, in my opinion, to go ahead, maybe in an altered format but with the amount of construction, development, and property acquisition that is taking place I think the likelihood of cancellation is remote. Politically it appears approved by all parties.

 As we enter the transition period at the end of 2019, Christmas and New Year holiday and enter 2020, a new decade it is necessary to be positive, progressive and adapt to change in whatever form it takes. Boothroyd and Co as a business is happy to embrace change, incorporate new technology and adopt new processes which have been numerous in the property letting department during 2019. However, most importantly we value our clients and their assets and I think it would be true to say that we do everything to the best of our ability to ensure your property interests are looked after properly and professionally and by trusting Boothroyd and Co – we will look after you.

May I now take this opportunity along with the whole management team and all the staff of wishing you a safe, happy Christmas and optimistic and successful 2020. Warmest regards John and Alison Boothroyd