The Tenant Fee Ban has landed!!

So, the fee ban is upon us and how has your agent dealt with the change?

Please don’t tell me that your agents have simply written to you telling you they have taken the easy option and increased their management fee to you!

If they have then hang on a minute. The law impacts when you are looking for a new tenant, not on your existing tenancy. So if you think about it, you have already paid your agent for the tenant you have and through the back door they are now increasing their management percentage to you. That doesn’t seem fair to me, and surely shouldn’t be accepted as fair by you.

We have spent a great many hours in consultation with clients reaching agreement on the changes ahead of this point. We now wish to extend to you the opportunity to bring across your property into our award winning management. So, I would urge you to contact me to discuss how we can assist you from this point forward. You can contact me on 01926 857244.

I look forward to working with you.